Our Dishes

Pork Adobo

Adobo a baboy - a soy based stew, considered to be Philippine National dish

Pork Liempo

Bagnet - an ilocano style pork liempo

Poqui Poqui Balls

Poqui-Poqui Balls - a winner in ot local "Chefs on Parade". A twist fro our local delicasy.

Pork Longanisa

Vigan Longanisa - Ilocano sausage, small but delicious, good on rice and bread.

Bagnet a Pata

Bagnet Rupa Baboy - Deep Fried 'til Crispy.

Sizzling Bagnet

Igado - a special ilocano pork recipe

Stuffed Longanisa

Kamatis nabagasan Longanisa Ken Keso - Ripe tomato stuffed with whole longanisa and topped with melted cheese.

Grilled Beef

Nabilag a Tapa Nuang - Carabao meat carefully cooked to perfection.

Sinigang Bangus

Sinigang A Bangus - With tamaring fruits and leaves. A sour soup dish.

Diced Bagnet

Diced Bagnet & Radish in crispy cup - a twist with the use of our lcoal bagnet and gamet